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Taran McGowen

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Thrive House Wellness

Mental Health Counseling, Massage Therapy, Nutrition Counseling, and Business Consulting in Irving, TX.

Thrive House Wellness offers a holistic approach to caring for one’s mind, body and spirit. Through mental health counseling and therapy, nutrition counseling, massage therapy, and consulting, our clients can expect to be met with warmth and compassion while being served by a group of dedicated therapists and clinicians who fully support them and their journey to thrive. 


Thrive House Wellness is a center dedicated to seeing its clients thrive, from the inside out. Oftentimes, health and wellness is approached one dimensionally, leaving individuals feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious- all while not being sure what steps are needed to accomplish true healing. 

Meet the Founder

Taran McGowen is a wife, mother, Licensed Professional Counselor and business owner committed to creating space that allows people of all walks of life to feel they are valued, important and cared for. Taran’s holistic approach to health and wellness creates the pathway for clients and those around her to truly thrive.

Thrive House Meaning

Welcome to Thrive House Wellness, where we make sure you’re healthy and happy, inside and out.

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There is nothing more important than feeling connected to the therapist you choose and that we’re the best fit for you and your needs. Allow us to answer any questions you have, and when you’re ready to move forward, we can book an appointment.

Set appointments with us to explore the root of the problems you’re experiencing. We’ll support you in establishing goals and help you acquire the tools necessary to get there.