Jennifer Siegel Greenberg, MS, LCSW

Clinical Director

Jen is a clinical therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), with a big heart, has a love for humor and believes in helping individuals discover their best self and reach their goals through a collaborative therapeutic approach. Jen is passionate about supporting and guiding individuals by approaching each challenge with compassion, empathy, and a nonjudgmental stance.


Do you ever find yourself feeling uncomfortable with emotions, struggling to identify emotions, or wanting to move things along to divert from those hard conversations? Do you put yourself last to ensure others are okay? Are you the “fixer” in your world? Are you the person who “mostly has it together”, or may “have some loose strings”? Do life transitions and changes hit harder for you? Well, you have come to the right place! Jen’s professional focus is working with individuals who struggle with perfectionism, self esteem, people-pleasing, overthinking, feelings of anxiousness, being overwhelmed and navigating life transitions.

You can expect Jen to be genuine, approachable and relatable. And, she loves some good humor! Jen uses her skillset to celebrate you, challenge harmful mindsets, help you create the changes you are seeking, and empower you to be the best you! Your path to thriving and connecting to your best self can start now! 

Jen is passionate about supporting/guiding clients with compassion, empathy and non-judgmental stance. She wants to equip you with the tools needed to cope with day-to-day life as well as big life events. It is truly Jen’s heart to see you THRIVE.

Family Life...

Jen is from the DFW area and married her high school sweetheart, Jordan, in August 2019 after over 10 years of enjoying growing through all stages of life together. Jen is from a big family and is very close with all her sisters and parents! In her spare time, she values spending quality time with her husband, puppy, family and friends. She enjoys being outside, being with loved ones, watching comedy movies and traveling. 

Jen received her Bachelors of Social Work at the University of Oklahoma, where she was in the Sorority Pi Beta Phi and enjoyed attending school sports events and hanging with her friends. She received her Masters of Science in Social work at University of Texas at Arlington, where she was part of the honor society. Jen completed her Clinical Hours at Parkland Hospital and obtained her Clinical License.