Massage Therapy

“We want to see you thriving, from the inside out.”

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60 Mins- $85
90 Mins- $110
Additional enhancements available. Please inquire with our team.

Massage Therapy

There are a plethora of benefits that come along with caring for your body through massage therapy. Massage therapy is often used for pain, muscle tension, and general relief. Massage therapy can also aid in improving mood and boosting energy levels. When one is able to relax, heart rate, oxygen consumption and stress hormones begin to decrease. In turn, this allows an improvement in not only one’s physical health, but mental health and wellness overall.

Massage Therapy + Mental Health and Wellness

Many view massage therapy as solely a method of relaxation, and do not always associate massage therapy with mental health. However, the mind and body are deeply interconnected. When one experiences anxiousness, it may be felt in the body as a turning in your stomach. When one feels stressed or worried, you may feel tension in your shoulders or clenching in your hands or jaw. When you experience trauma, your bodies can hold on to it for many years. The integration of massage therapy and our overall mental health and wellness allows us to not only treat the mental challenges and complexities of our day, but we can address the physicality of the effects and stressors our mental health bears on our bodies. Massage therapy can be viewed as a luxury to some, but with the thought of treating and caring for the person as a whole- mind, body and spirit, the methods and benefits of massage are necessary.

Let us help you thrive not only mentally, but physically. Taking the time to care for your body is not selfish. It’s important! You deserve to thrive, from the inside out.

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