Nutrition Counseling

“We want to see you thriving, from the inside out.”

Pricing Details


Intake Assessment: $150
Follow Up Sessions: $135
Package Special: 3 Sessions for $390

Group Program

Details and Pricing

5 Week Mindful Eating Master Course: $200

Transform your relationship with food & knowledge of nutrition. Learn how to honor your body without dieting. Say goodbye to guilt, shame, & confusion in regards to food & body image. We will cultivate a safe space to learn, grow, & THRIVE!!

What's included: - 5 weeks of nutrition education - Unlimited Chat Access to our Registered Dietitian, Alleigh during the 5 week period - Group Support - Free Printable Mindful Eating Journal - No Expiration on Course Materials

We will meet Tuesdays at 7pm virtually starting October 10th, 2023 (if you are unable to make it, sessions will be recorded for playback). Deadline to apply is October 6th.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is not a service that solely includes weight loss. Nutritional counseling includes developing healthy habits, learning what foods will maximize your health and energy, and how to use food to fuel your body, mentally and physically while maintaining a healthy relationship with it. While our team can help with your weight loss goals, it’s also important that you’re able to reach and sustain your goals. Our one on one approach allows for customized plans that meet our clients exactly where they are, without judgment or shame. There are no gimmicks, no fad diet plans or “bad foods” here. We’re here to help you see your nutrition in a way that improves your overall mental health and wellness.

Nutrition + Mental Health and Wellness

The effects of nutrition on our mental health and wellness are wide and vast. It is commonly known that food not only fuels your body, but it also fuels your mind and how you feel overall. When we have healthy relationships with food and nutrition, we may see things like improved ability to focus, better stress management, improved sleep quality, clarity in thought, etc. When we’re unable to develop healthy, sustainable habits, oftentimes we’re plagued with guilt, lack of confidence and frustration with how we look and feel. 

Our registered dietitian is ready to encourage and empower you to no longer be intimidated by food or your health and wellness. It can be challenging to know which way to go when there are so many concepts and thoughts about how one should eat and care for themselves. However, our team is here and ready to help! We offer individualized plans that will allow you to not only become healthier, but you’ll know what’s best and most sustainable for YOUR body and health and wellness journey.