Taran McGowen, MA, LPC


Taran McGowen is a wife, mother, Licensed Professional Counselor and business owner committed to creating space that allows people of all walks of life to feel they are valued, important and cared for. Taran’s holistic approach to health and wellness creates the pathway for clients and those around her to truly thrive.


Taran McGowen is a native to the Dallas- Fort Worth area, born and raised in Arlington, TX. She attended The Oakridge School, a private school in Arlington. She then graduated and pursued a Music Business degree from Dallas Baptist University. It was at DBU where she learned the ins and outs of working in the entertainment industry, working with national artists and athletes, developing and negotiating contract riders, and planning, coordinating and aiding in show production. She garnered skills in marketing, advertising, and communications, but also learned how to develop relationships, work with, manage and motivate others. Along with her studies, she was a collegiate cheerleader. It was on the court where she met the love of her life, Jordan McGowen who was a collegiate basketball player. 

Following graduating with her Bachelors degree, she began to explore how to support athletes, artists and individuals altogether in a role that would help them feel seen, supported and understood, even outside of their roles as athletes and entertainers. Her heart for others led her to further her education in counseling and mental health. Immediately after completing her coursework and graduating with her masters degree, she went right into the mental health field. Serving as a school counselor, then into group practice, Taran’s skills were honed and sharpened immensely. It would be only a few years later that she would feel called to do more. 

Family Life...

As a clinical therapist, Taran specializes in working with athletes, entertainers, and executives/business owners who need a safe space to process stressors, anxiousness, mental blocks and performance anxiety. Beyond that, she provides a safe, confidential space for clients to be themselves, outside of their role or work environment. Taran also specializes in couples therapy. Her heart is to help couples foster healthy relationships and provide tools on how to navigate the challenges and obstacles they may face in the life of their relationship. 

Taran’s most important role is being a wife and mom. She was married to her husband, Jordan in May 2015. They have two incredible children, Rhian and Jordan Jr. (aka Fasty) and their dog baby, Charlee. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, watching movies, going to brunch and taking time for self care. 

Thrive House Beginnings

In October 2019, Thrive House Therapy was born. In the heart of Irving, TX- Las Colinas, Thrive House would serve individuals of all backgrounds and walks of life. Through the pandemic, Thrive House continued to grow, and serve as a resource to individuals, couples, families, businesses- large and small, schools, and other community organizations. As the Thrive House brand continues to grow, Taran commits to creating and maintaining a culture where clients and clinicians alike, feel safe, cared for and valued, and feel they have the tools to live a life that is fulfilling- ultimately, leading them to Thrive.