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“We want to see you thriving, from the inside out.”

Thrive House Therapy

Thrive House Therapy is composed of a talented team of counselors and therapists, each having their own unique specialties, all of which allows our clients to explore the complexities of life. We approach therapy without proscribed agendas, because we understand that our clients needs and journey’s are different. It is not a case where “one size fits all.” We tailor your care in a way that is befitting and specifically for you. Our job is to walk alongside you, to support and build you up, to provide education, resources and coping skills and to help you establish and achieve your goals. Wherever you are, and whatever season of life you’re in, we’re here to ensure you thrive.

Pricing Details


Intake $165
Follow Up $145


Intake $185
Follow Up $165

Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. There is such thing as normal or healthy anxiety. This tends look like someone who is nervous about a test, job interview, or an event that could be potentially harmful or worrying. Anxiety becomes “abnormal” when we usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with thoughts that won’t stop, unable to rest or concentrate, or even being on edge. You’ve constantly found yourself worrying about things without being able to stop or feel that things are out of your control. Maybe you’ve found that there are moments when you can’t catch your breath, the room starts to spin or your heart feels as if it’s going to beat out of your chest. Perhaps it’s hard to make decisions because those what-if’s are so loud and that internal chatter is so busy putting you down. We all experience anxiety in different ways. Whatever it is you’re experiencing, you’ve begun to notice the impact of anxiety in every area of your life: school, work, and relationships. You’re tired of living your life in the shadow of worry and fear… and you’re wondering what to do.

Our Approach

Because anxiety affects each of us differently, the way we develop a plan of care is no “one size fits all” approach. The first and most important thing we can do for our clients is ensure we’re creating a safe and comfortable space where our clients feel a sense of comfort as soon as they come through our doors. Then the work begins.

We Help Clients To: