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“We want to see you thriving, from the inside out.”

Thrive House Therapy

Thrive House Therapy is composed of a talented team of counselors and therapists, each having their own unique specialties, all of which allows our clients to explore the complexities of life. We approach therapy without proscribed agendas, because we understand that our clients needs and journey’s are different. It is not a case where “one size fits all.” We tailor your care in a way that is befitting and specifically for you. Our job is to walk alongside you, to support and build you up, to provide education, resources and coping skills and to help you establish and achieve your goals. Wherever you are, and whatever season of life you’re in, we’re here to ensure you thrive.

Pricing Details


Intake $165
Follow Up $145


Intake $185
Follow Up $165

Therapy for Couples and Families

Couples and Family Therapy focuses on the set of relationships a person has developed, whether it’s family of origin or family of choice. Couples and family relationships can be complex and range from all sort of dynamics. We work within the context of how relationships work in systems to address a variety of mental, emotional, and relational issues. More than anything else, couples and family therapy focuses on deep, long tern change that affect the whole system. It’s more than just addressing an individual, but also exploring how each one is impacted within the system. They help improve communication skills, increase mutual respect, and help kids develop into healthy adults. Though Couples and Family Therapy may sound like a broad term, our therapists are able to tailor your sessions specifically to your needs. We offer therapy for blended families as well as families of origin. Many have experienced brokenness in families. Whether it be from childhood traumas, feeling distant or growing apart, unresolved issues with parents or siblings, or working through family dysfunction. There is hope and there can be healing for you and your family. If you’ve ever seen families on TV and asked, “Why can’t my family be happy like them?” It’s time to take a step back and truly discover what has happened within your family system and how to fix it. Maybe you’re a couple, married or not, in search of healing in your relationship. Couples experience an array of difficulties including: communication, building trust, infidelity, issues with sex, etc. We provide a safe, objective space to explore your relationship and find resolve to the areas that are broken. We also offer services to couples that want to prepare themselves for their future by embarking in premarital counseling. Perhaps you’ve been dating and want to best prepare yourselves for the next step in your relationship. Premarital counseling is for you! Through assessment and tailored curriculum, couples are provided a structured way to explore and uncover the most important things to know and discuss before getting married. Whatever season you and the ones you love are in, know that together, we can have the hard conversations and truly work together so you are all thriving.

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